Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Note on Copyrights and Fair Use

The B-Raters is a comedy program often featuring Cult, or B-rated, genre and exploitation movies. Many, if not all, of these films can be considered as "poor taste" or even "bad taste," as can the hosting panel and everything we say. While the purpose of our show is more entertainment than education, we do offer trivial tidbits and insights into the films, their subject matter, and the personalities involved. We do little to actually "host" the program, so we cannot be considered as such.

Viewing of and commenting on these films is not, in any way, a challenge to anyone's rights. In most cases, we are actually fans of the movie, one or more actors or creators involved, or the subject matter. While our commentary on these films may be considered a critical viewing, we are far more critical on them for means of showmanship than our true feelings reflect. While we are intentionally "hard" on the fare we view, our commentary for the show should not be considered reflective of our true feelings. Our intention is never to slander nor personally insult anyone but the viewer.

Copyrights on most of the selections viewed by The B-Raters are either expired, non-existent (public domain), or not applicable in the United States. While some are questionable and others are known to be under copyright, The Weirding does not host the actual films we critique so we are not the ones to contact if you wish to have something pulled. We retain copyright only on the videos featuring us and our commentary and have no control over, nor say as to, the posting of those films.

Pursuant to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, The Weirding Theater and The B-Raters believe we are actually adding value to many, if not all, of these films. We realize we are wrong - we are not delusional - but we believe it. We challenge naysayers to watch the movies we "riff" without our commentary as evidence.

Comments for these forums are moderated and this is the best way to reach The B-Raters.

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