Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Introduction to B-Raters

The B-Raters
The B-Raters
Hello. We are the B-Raters, an amateur improv comedy group that mocks mostly exploitation and low-budget movies live. Many of these flicks are referred to as "cult" or "B-Movies." While we can be very cruel to the movie, as well as everyone involved in its making, it is mostly just schtick. While we are truly passionate about these movies, it is sometimes a passionate hatred.

Many of the movies we watch can be found on YouTube. We do not host these movies nor make them available, so we do not know who holds the rights to them. Many are in the public domain or not protected under US Copyright. Our purpose is not to subvert the law or infringe on anyone's copyrights. If you feel we have, please contact us directly and we are happy to work with you. In our defense, we firmly believe we are adding value to these films that are often just... terrible. Just awful.

Clearly, we retain copyright of all original material.

Right now, we are available for free almost every weekend on Google Hangouts. The shows are recorded live and in a separate process from the movies. The best way to watch is to open the movie and live riff in separate windows then use splitscreen to watch them side by side. If you have multiple devices, you can open the videos separately that way. We are a chickenshit operation with even less of a budget than the movies we hold ourselves above.

We hope to move into scripted episodes, and already have some in the works, but production for those requires a different approach than what we normally use. We also do not want you to have to open two windows to watch these shows.

While the purpose of B-Raters is largely promotional, the larger goal is to develop an encyclopedia of cult, exploitation, and B-Movies, as well as some of the personalities and scenes regarding them. Some entries extend outside this immediate area and even medium, such as those discussing sleazy magazines. We aren't necessarily experts on any of these subjects but we're working on it; right now, we're mostly just smartasses with too many outdated pop-cultural references. Speaking of which, we'll try to watch the tags, Chachis.

As of this writing, the live show can be seen on YouTube Saturdays (around) 9:30pm CST. The videos are available for replay within a few hours. Visit The Weirding website for more nerdery, the B-Raters, and nerdy shit from the nerd culture, you nerds! NERDS!

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