Thursday, September 25, 2014

vs. The Devil's Daughter

The B-Raters vs. The Devil's Daughter
Like, Oh my God! I mean...
This weekend, The B-Raters are forced to endure The Devil's Daughter, an extremely timely movie of the week made in 1976 and quickly forgotten. It stars no one of any import doing anything anyone should ever be forced to watch. If the IMdB description is anything to go by, it's like The Bachelorette for demons. So... it's like The Bachelorette.

There was an explosion of Devil Flicks in the mid-1970s, thanks to the runaway success of The Exorcist. Most of these, such as The Omen, featured Evil Children who were usually the victims of daemonic possession. Evil Children flicks are an ages-old meme that really picked-up steam in the 1950s and became a popular trope amongst sci-fi B-movies. In the 1970's versions, the theme appeared most frequently in Horror movies with heavy religious overtones, usually Catholic.

We do not screen the movies we watch and The Weirding Theater is LIVE almost every Saturday night around 9:30pm, CST, so some of the content in the movie may not be suitable for some audiences. The B-Raters' commentary on The Devil's Daughter is suitable for absolutely no one - even we are ashamed of ourselves and publicly disavow ourselves of any knowledge of this, or any other, commentaries we never made.

The B-Raters vs. The Devil's Daughter was recorded LIVE September 20th, 2014.

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