Friday, September 12, 2014

vs. The Moment After 1

The B-Raters vs. The Moment After 1
The B-Raters vs. The Moment After 1
A perhaps too ambitious project that finds the introductory installment merely prologue to The Moment After That. Thanks to that one asshole from Growing Pains (no, that other asshole), Christian Apocalypse movies took flight for a brief period. Once producers found they could push their religious agenda without the costly and Liberal oversight of a major Hollywood studio, they started churning-out shitty Christian flicks like The Holy Bible had gone out of print.

Although they may seem soaked in the First Amendment and good-old, gun-toting, 'Murican Freedom, Religiousploitation flicks are still Exploitation films with very large built-in audiences. As usual, we have not screened this movie although we feel safe in assuming there is little content in the movie that would be offensive to most audiences. Our commentary, on quite the other hand, is likely best considered age-restricted.

The B-Raters vs. The Moment After 1 is LIVE Saturday night around 9:30pm, CST.

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