Friday, September 26, 2014

vs. White Zombie

The B-Raters vs. White Zombie
Now the whole place smells like weed!
The B-Raters has no budget and that is why so many of the movies we riff are in the Public Domain, which includes this week's feature, the 1932 Horror movie classic, White Zombie. Luckily, the only connection this film has to Rob Zombie is that it was the inspiration for the name of his 1990s band.

Even casual fans of the Horror genre are likely to be familiar with White Zombie, if not for its notoriety within the community then for its connection to Rob Zombie. This movie features a performance by Bela Lugosi in his prime, dripping with... Lugosiness. We do not screen these movies before we riff them LIVE but we have seen this film several times and even riffed it previously.

LIVE this Saturday around 9:30pm CST, The B-Raters takes on racist Hollywood's White Zombie!

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