Friday, October 24, 2014

vs. Cheerleader Massacre

The B-Raters vs. Cheerleader Massacre
The Ever-Subtle Popatopolis
The B-Raters vs. Jim Wynorski's Cheerleader Massacre is only one day away! Knowing you just can't wait for yet another beration of a Popatopolis Slasher classic (well, loosely a classic - very loosely a "cult classic"), we offer this image of the original Cheerleader Massacre onesheet which we pulled off the Web through a simple search engine query.

You can check out the hilarious promos we made for this mockery on the usual social outlets. We are developing webpages for hosting each episode alongside the movie but, until then, we are presenting as much information regarding the films we present on the show pages which used to be served by G+ Events.

Wynorski, aka Popatopolis, is known for casting large-breasted actors of the female persuasion and exploiting their assets. Cheerleader Massacre contains several scenes of a sexual nature, along with a handful of scenes featuring gratuitous violence. Only viewers 18+ will be allowed to view the Hangout or watch the replay. The B-Raters have faced-off against some of Wynorski's previous creations.

The B-Raters vs. Cheerleader Massacre will be recorded LIVE on Google Hangouts Saturday October 25th, 2014 around 9:30pm, CDT.
Links to the riff will be posted in the comments below following the taping

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