Friday, October 17, 2014

vs. Lady Frankenstein

Lady Frankenstein
Sady Frankenstein?
We aren't sure that she deserves the title "Lady" but we are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. This Saturday around 9:30pm CST, The B-Raters sit through the likely interminable Lady Frankenstein

Due to new policy, we will be screening future episodes for content prior to the LIVE show.  We expect this policy to be in effect some time after we watch this movie for the first time LIVE.

We are also uncertain as to whom owns the rights to this movie but it is all over Roku, so finding it shouldn't be difficult.  Here is a link to Lady Frankenstein on Archive but we may choose another source due to connectivity issues.  However you watch it, just wait for The Countdown to start the movie.

As noted previously, we are no longer scheduling Events on the social media pages due to issues with time and coverage, although we will continue using them to promote The B-Raters. A Public Hangout will be created and made available to all viewers over 18 around 9:30pm CST.  

We are experimenting with methods of delivery but you can find many episodes on our YouTube Channel in the sidebar.

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  1. I actually did get a chance to pre-screen this Public Domain gem and it was stupid.

  2. Here's the link to the Event page: The link to the movie is there.