Thursday, October 9, 2014

Working on an Events System

As posted on the Google+ profile last week, we're going to backoff the Facebook and G+ Events systems for the moment. Google forces you to make at least two or more pages for the same event and hardly anyone sees the Facebook Events announcements unless you pay to "boost" their reach. Worst of all on G+' part is that there does not appear to be a way to permanently delete mistakes or Events with erroneous instructions or information which leads to even more confusion.

Also, while this may seem like nitpicking, both networks require different image sizes, so it takes a good hour or more just to fashion the titlecards for each Event! Google+ requires an extremely large image but rejects any that exceed a preset file size, meaning you are forced to blow-up images to such a degree that they are no longer flattering or appealing then highlight the best from what you have left while somehow keeping it less than the size of a War & Peace PDF. Professionals and smarter amateurs probably know some clever workaround(s) for all these things but we are not privy to such knowledge, nor do we have the kind of high-end technology and programs to which they likely have access.

We will still be posting and interacting with followers on these social networks, we just won't be organizing events through their internal systems for the time being. We will also be using them to promote the upcoming episodes and inform you of any important changes or happenings.

For now, you can find the schedule on the The Weirding homepage as well as in the sidebar, and we'll continue posting further information here. We are thinking about developing a newsletter but we have limited resources at the moment and this blog largely serves the same purposes. You can subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the icon above or in your browser's address bar.

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