Sunday, November 16, 2014

MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2014

Even The B-Raters enjoy eating ourselves some turkey and dressing while we watch holiday programming.

So we will be "off" next weekend for the American holiday, Thanksgiving. We return the week after to take on a Bruceploitation flick, then have new episodes every weekend up to Christmas time, when we will again be away for a couple of weeks. This weekend, our movie is the Troma Turkey Day classic, Poultrygeist.

For over 20 years now, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been a part of my Thanksgiving Day tradition. MST3K established its Turkey Day Marathon on Comedy Central (then Comedy Channel) and it continued throughout the remainder of the show's run on both cable networks (the Sci-Fi Channel [now SyFy] being the other). Last year, Shout Factory revived the tradition with new hosting segments by Joel Hodgson himself!

And they're doing it again this year.

During the 2013 broadcast, I (and many others) had to turn off the Chat function because it was disturbing the show. That kinda sucked because most of the viewers knew the riffs by heart and it was fun matching our knowledge of the episodes, the show, and its history. Hopefully this year, they will be prepared for the traffic they're likely to get.

Join us as we view the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon!

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