Wednesday, November 5, 2014

vs. Black Cobra 3

Heeey, Fred.
This Saturday around 9:30pm CDT, The B-Raters take on Fred Williamson in Black Cobra 3.

Long-time viewers will know we manhandled the original Black Cobra a few months back.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of racial strife online as well as IRL in Missouri at that time, so we tried to be sensitive to a shitload of people we don't know to hopefully avoid their wrath.

We failed at that task, but we hope everyone knows that we're only here to provide a little fun and humor, not get political and stuff (despite the cracks we sometimes make regarding such things).

While there is still too much racial, political, religious, and international strife, we are intent on being sensitive to others' feelings and shit.

This Saturday around 9:30pm, CDT, on The B-Raters vs. Black Cobra 3, we are going to keep it classy as a motherfucker.

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  1. Okay, that one was kinda hosed from get-go. We've pulled the video for now until we see what we can do to salvage it.