Wednesday, November 12, 2014

vs. The Cannibals

The B-Raters vs. The Cannibals
Execution? Flawless, girl.
The B-Raters vs. The Cannibals starts this Saturday around 10:00pm, CDT.

This kung-fu flick stars Chang Yi and no one knows who that is. Still, we totally dig us some kung-fu movies and we're sure you will have a blast along with us. Most of these flicks feature less kung-fu than folks - who do not at all look alike, at all - milling around, talking about who killed whom, whose kung-fu is better, and what they're going to do about it. However, like most of the movies we B-Rate, we haven't seen this particular kung-fu classic, so we're hoping it has enough action to satisfy both us and our fickle audience. Member.

The B-Raters vs. The Cannibals (gross!) this Saturday at our new time @10:00 PM CT, on Google Hangouts.

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  1. Please check out the new B-Raters outlet. If it doesn't work, we'll hangout on YouTube. Thanks!

    1. Anyone can comment in the IRC chatroom; you don't need to sign-in or create an account, just a nickname.