Thursday, January 8, 2015

vs. Starman - Attack from Space (ep. 201)

The B-Raters vs. Starman - Attack from Space
The B-Raters ep. 201
There are apparently several Starman films and, according to the source you draw from, Attack from Space is either the second or fifth installment in the series.

Either which way you slice it, it's a stinker and this Saturday around 10:00pm Central, The B-Raters are going to smell-ll-l-l-l what the Starman has laid. We're fairly certain anyone involved in the movie is dead and damn certain they ought to be, so we're pulling no punches. 

We've been away for several weeks observing the American holidays, so this is our first episode of the new "season." We're not too particular as to how this all plays out, since we're not in syndication or even being "produced" by anyone other than ourselves at this point, but we figured that numbering the episodes couldn't hurt and setting more regular off-weeks will definitely help us better manage things, so we're going to do our best.

Yes, The B-Raters are back this Saturday at our usual time - 10:00pm Central - with our first episode of the new season! Ep. 201: The B-Raters vs. Starman - Attack from Space LIVE on Google Hangouts!

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  1. Show starts in about 15 minutes!

  2. Here's the link to the show.

    Check out the new format we hope to be implementing this coming weekend for The B-Raters vs. Kung-Fu Fever, too!