Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Missing Posts, Send Us Your Movies!

All Cheerleaders Die
All Cheerleaders Die
We removed some posts promoting a film we weren't able to view last week. We apologize to RSS subscribers and anyone looking for those links but we'll be on the look-out for the movie in hopes of riffing it in the future and they will be reposted at that time.

Originally, we were scheduled to watch Cheerleader Massacre 2 but it had been removed from streaming on Netflix, so we were forced to find another title. Sticking with the original theme, we came across All Cheerleaders Die. It was a happy accident though we unfortunately had no promotional materials for it. We were pleased with it and are creating new promo materials for it now, especially as we plan on doing it again in the future.

If you have a movie you'd like us to riff, please send us a link. We prefer not to do movies with commercial breaks as it screws with the synch. We prefer low-budget slasher and horror flicks at least 90 minutes in length but we're open to all genres and lengths.

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