Friday, April 3, 2015

The B-Raters Episode 211 - Gamera: Destroy All Planets

Gamera: Destroy All Planets
Gamera: Destroy All Planets
YES! Gamera returns to The B-Raters this week with yet more senseless (largely because there are no visible deaths) destruction and enigmatic emotional attachment to humans - or at least the Japanese. Not unlike Bruce Li, Gamera appears so frequently on our show that he deserves a co-starring credit (he doesn't get one but he deserves one).

Like many of the movies we riff, we have never seen Gamera: Destroy All Planets 1 and will be going in cold (and dry, very dry). If you haven't checked us out before, this is a great movie for hopping onboard! Try us, we're actually funny! Note that, just like our blog, The B-Raters is not for children or the easily offended, so please do due diligence and help us keep our community and fans healthy, happy, and free from all drama... except poorly-lit, badly-acted, and sadly-scripted drama.

Be sure to join us this Saturday around 10pm CT on our YouTube Channel or Google HoA (links in the sidebar to the right) for The B-Raters vs. Gamera: Destroy All Planets.

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