Friday, April 17, 2015

vs. Cheerleader Massacre 2 - ep. 2.13

We have little idea what to expect from this movie because it was not directed by Popatopolis, the originator of what we were somewhat shocked to find is a franchise... oh bullshit, we know exactly what to expect from this film - read the title! Snakes on a Plane... Suffice it to say, this episode is not for the kids (or the prudish)!

Be sure to join us tomorrow night for what is sure to be a rollicking, jiggling, good time! It's The B-Raters vs. Cheerleader Massacre 2 starting around 10pm CT on YouTube and Google HoA.

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  1. If you saw last night's episode, you know we had to find a different film on the fly. We landed on All Cheerleaders Die. You can read more about it and find the link to the riff and movie here.