Friday, May 8, 2015

Dark Week - Beyond the Bermuda Triangle

Beyond the Bermuda Triangle
The B-Raters will not be seen this week as we are adjusting to the season change and attempting to enjoy the sweltering heat. In keeping with the spirit of summer, we instead offer you a look back into a simpler time with simpler people - it's The B-Raters vs. Beyond the Bermuda Triangle.

Some network Movie Of the Week set in Florida's glorious, pre-cocaine wars days of the 1970s featuring Fred MacMurray and Donna Reed in roles everyone is better off forgetting. A star of such classics as The Shaggy Dog and My Three Sons, MacMurray is excellent at conveying the deep shame and regret he feels for having taken this role his character feels for being such an old, useless fuck.

Next week, we return around our usual time (10pm CT) with The B-Raters vs. Curse of Bigfoot!

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