Friday, May 1, 2015

vs. The Lazarus Syndrome - ep. 2.15

The B-Raters vs. The Lazarus Syndrome
The B-Raters vs. The Lazarus Syndrome
No real reason to remind you that we have no idea what we're watching week to week but we're going to do it anyway: We have never seen The Lazarus Syndrome nor read or heard anything about it. In fact, we don't even know anyone who has seen it or heard anything about it - at all, ever. We aren't even sure if it's a MOW or an actual feature film, we just know that it looks... just awful, just... God-awful. The only glimmer of hope in this mess is Lou Gossett, Jr., if that gives you any idea as to just how much this movie is set to suck.

But, like the Iron Eagles we are, we're prepared to stay until whomever uploaded this piece of shit cuts the rip before the credits run. And we hope you'll join us! Be sure to get there early and hang around, as we're known to start a few minutes late.

This Saturday night around 10pm CT on YouTube and Google HoA, it's The B-Raters vs. The Lazarus Syndrome!

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