Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Because Chris is Basically an Asshole

So I dumped an entire cup of coffee on my laptop the other night. Whatever, I was bored and it felt right. Of course it was a complete accident. I still don't have a computer desk, so I was working on the kitchen table which has no room in the first place and is nowhere to be having a computer in the second.

Also, like the asshole I am, I hadn't gotten around to uploading all the promos and stuff to the site, so I'll have to redo all that unless I can afford to recover it from the doused laptop, if it even can be recovered... Unfortunately, I can't even begin working on anything until at least Monday, when the new laptop is set to be delivered. Having to make such a large purchase has also strapped me financially for the moment, so I have no idea what you're in store for - I can only hope the internal sound and video are capable of delivering a smooth show, because I can't afford to upgrade anything for a few months. I got the best laptop I could afford, and I'm pretty sure it's at least as good as the last, so I hope things will be fine.

We may skip Saturday night due to this, but we'll do Driller Killer at some point. I may have access to some kind of device which will allow me to go on with the show, but I can make no promises as of right now. If nothing else, we'll start the season next Saturday but keep the episode numbering, so Driller Killer remains 3.01 - whether we get to do it first or not - to avoid confusion.

Truly sorry for this, but things happen. It isn't like we're a "real" studio or show yet, anyway. I hope you'll miss us if we can't make it, but maybe things will work out to where we can still give you a show tomorrow night. Promos will continue to run as scheduled.

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