Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sorry, No Show Tonight

Well, I really thought we were going to be able to give it a whirl but, unfortunately, the only device I have (the one on which I am presently typing) has neither an internal microphone nor an input for one. If I had any USB sound device, I might have been able to get it going with the correct drivers, but I do not. I suppose I should get one just for such possibilities but it's really hard to prepare for any eventuality in these situations - I'm sure they make USB microphones and headsets, though, and I will definitely purchase one as soon as I am able to afford a proper unit.

However, there is some good news: Shout Factory TV is playing their Summer of Fear on their Roku and Internet TV channel. Included is our friend, Mangela, and here is the link to the first riff we did of Sleepaway Camp. As it was part of our first annual Halloween B-Movie Marathon, it also includes the riff for Scream Bloody Murder, and you can find the link to that film in the comments.

Setting-up a home studio, even for something as seemingly piddling as this, can only be done with a lot of effort and no inconsiderable expense. It is the latter we lack. For those keeping count, I have lost two computers so far this year - so that's how my 2015 has been going. Even if I were able to secure the funding to fix the electrical wiring in my home (the primary cause of these issues) - coffee-spilling episodes aside - it would so financially strap me for such an extended period that we'd still be working with less than ideal equipment, under less than ideal circumstances.

We're making progress, far too slowly, but this doesn't make us any money and our discretionary funding is terribly limited. We're very sorry BUT - since He doesn't seem to be "on our side" - if we can successfully defy God, we will be here next weekend with an all-new episode to kick-off season three.

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