Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The B-Raters
The B-Raters
And so it is that we have come to the end of yet another season of The B-Raters. As always, we thank you for watching and remind you that many episodes from every season are available for replay on the official Weirding YouTube Channel.

We are already preparing for Season 4, which begins just after the New Year - January 5th, 2016 - at a NEW TIME (8:00pm Central / 9:00pm Eastern). We did a lot of slashers and horror flicks in season 3, due mostly to the Halloween holiday (but also because we love them and we know you do, too), and we have even more headed your way this season, in addition to all of the other exploitation sub-genres we watch. We'll also be revisiting several of the movies from past seasons that did not get recorded or released for one reason or another (usually technical difficulties).

Be sure to catch us on January 5th, when The B-Raters vs. returns for season 4 with The B-Raters vs. Bloody New Year!

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