Saturday, January 2, 2016

The B-Raters' New Time

The B-Raters is moving to a new time!

Now starting earlier, at 8:00pm CT, on the same night (Tuesdays), Season 4 brings a host of new, old movies - all cheesy, all the time. In particular, we have a string of '80s slashers lined-up, as well as a host of B-rated, straight-to-video action flicks from the same period. It's an '80s crapfest! Season 4 also brings not one, but two B-Raters marathons - one in May for National Streaming Day, and another on July 4th.

We'll be touching base with all our usual fare along the way, including some kung-fu classics, a sci-fi cult or two, and our beloved MoW. Our co-stars, Tarzan, Gamera, and Bruce Li are all here; and Mangela returns, as usual. Actually, we have a lot of camp, sorority, and cheerleader -themed slashers planned for Season 4. But they're all camp.

Be sure to join us at the new time - 8pm Central - every Tuesday for yet another season of The B-Raters!

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