Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Technical Issues

Sorry that the last couple of flicks have had issues. When we recorded Back In Action, both Brian and myself were having connectivity issues (that started right before the broadcast and continued well after), and last night's shitfest found Brian without a working computer. The audio is so bad that we aren't "officially" publishing it; you can find it through the direct links posted on various outlets.
The last couple of years have been particularly difficult due mostly to our individual drinking problems: Both Chris and Brian lost computers due to spills. We are not a high-tech, futurewave unicorn; we're a small collective of smartasses who get together to make fun of bad movies. None of us are financially solvent enough to be able to purchase computers at a rate commensurate with our ability to destroy them.

Sadly, the show is not popular enough to actually make us money. So, while we continue to work on bringing you a better show, we also have to work "real" jobs so that we can afford new computers. And possibly Finishing School, where we hope to learn how to properly drink beverages without dousing electronics.

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