Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The First Annual Drink-a-Thon

Sleepaway Camp
Sleepaway Camp
So it's technically our Second Annual Drink-a-Thon, but we got rained-out last year and couldn't do it, and we'd hate to be accused of more false advertising (more on that shortly). That means that this Fourth of July, The B-Raters' First Annual Drink-a-Thon will commence -- during which, we will be viewing Julie Strain in the Andy Sidaris film, Fit to Kill, along with our annual viewing of Sleepaway Camp.

We have an entire schedule filled with films, but we have been unable to coordinate everyone's schedules to allow more of The B-Raters to attend regularly. We've all also experienced changes in living conditions, experienced technical issues, and similar everyday problems that have prevented us from being able to hold the show regularly or release all of the episodes we've filmed.

So we've decided to take a more holistic approach, and only riff films irregularly. This is no guarantee that any more of us will be able to appear regularly, just that the films we do riff will be more fun when we can watch them. They'll still be awful movies, though -- that doesn't change.

So be sure to crack a few with us this 4th of July for The B-Raters' First Annual Drink-a-Thon, starting whenever it begins and ending at least two movies later.

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