Friday, March 29, 2019

Hello There!

Hello, whores!  And also whores.

Isn't it great to talk this way?  On our oh-so "adult" blog and shit.

ANYwho, I know we've been AWOL, and I apologize.  Sadly, this is not a momentous post marking our return or anything, just a brief note about some housecleaning.  See, we haven't been able to access our own website in two years now, and no one seems to know why... well, that's a lie: Several people to whom I have spoken seem to know why (I suspect), but refuse to confess, as they do not want to accept responsibility.

That -- again -- is what my paranoid mind suspects, but cannot necessarily prove... although, should a court case come about, I have a sneaking suspicion I could prove all sorts of things.

(But that's another blog.)

ANYwho, I see that several of our like-minded friends' links, profiles, and sites were similarly hijacked since I last checked, so I cleared them out.  Anyone who might read this is encouraged to contact me here with new infoes, and I'll be happy to re-post.

I'm looking into some things presently, and plan to return the site (as a whole) to working order -- if, and only if, I am ever able to get back into it.  I can be difficult, I suppose, but I do have my standards -- and being able to access a website I am working on is one of those.

I believe Christian Bale once called me "toxic."*

So... as you were.

* DISCLAIMER: He did not, actually, but I choose to believe it. I choose also to believe this disclaimer is necessary, because he seems like the kind of guy who might sue. 

© The Weirding, 2019

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